Political Lies: When Will You Say, “No Mas”?

Nearly every day, we witness, report – after – report, of some of the mis – statements, lies, distortions, etc, from some political leader. Perhaps because we are experiencing political times, unlike any, in recent American history/ memory, and political fact – checkers, have stated, Donald Trump, has averaged, approximately 5 lies, per day, since elected President (and even more, when he was a candidate), we have become, somewhat, numb, to these transgressions! I’m often reminded to the central theme of the movie, Network, which repeatedly proclaimed, I’m mad as hell, and not going to take it any more! There have been times, when many of us, have probably thought, if there were a book or movie, with a character, such as Trump, critics would state, how unrealistic, and/ or impossible, the character was! This consistent lying has created mistrust, polarization, adversarial approaches/ considerations, and a high degree of hatred, bigotry, and division. If we ever hope, to be able to return to a degree of normalcy, it’s essential, to change, how much lying, we might accept, and demand, some basis truth, and integrity! I, personally, can’t understand, why so many, continue to appear, blind, to these lies and distortions, and accept them, as genuine facts. When will we all wake up, and say, No mas?

1. How many?: How many lies, are too many lies? When will we demand, politicians, transform, to statesman, and, actually, prioritize our needs, and stick to their rhetoric and promises? When will we, wake up, America, to realize, and understand, every false claim, has ramifications, whether it’s about tax reform, health care, foreign affair, Russia, infrastructure, environmental protections, and/ or any freedoms, which are being endangered, and threatened?2. Russia: Either, nearly every member of the Trump administration, suffers from some sort of amnesia, and/ or dimentia, or they are constantly lying, for some reason! When every intelligence agency, as well as many other reports, clearly indicate, Russian interference, in our elections, and way of life, how does the President’s constant labelling this crisis, Fake Facts, benefit anything? While we don’t know if, or to what degree, either Trump, or members of his campaign and/ or administration, encouraged, etc, these activities, at least, two of them, have pleaded guilty to certain illegalities, and apparently, are providing information, implicating others. The intent of this article is not to examine what happened, but rather, the dangers of accepting, lying, as the norm!3. Health care and tax reform: While the Affordable Care Act, certainly had flaws, and needed improvement, portraying the Republican Party’s health care proposals, as Repeal and Replace, and, being better, for the American public, is certainly, at the very least, a distortion. The several defeated legislative proposals, did little to reduce costs, did not improve medical care, and would take tens of millions, insurance – less! The so – called tax reform, recently passed in both houses of Congress, along party lines, was not the middle class, tax relief, promised, but, more about corporate benefits, and a form of, Welfare, for the wealthiest! When polls show, only about a quarter of Americans, supported these measures, legislators passed it, anyway, continuing to claim, it would provide more and better jobs, etc. Wake Up, America?

4. Trump’s own words/ denial: How many times, do we need to hear, Mr. Trump, in his own words, contradict, himself, before we tire of it? Whenever anything happens, he doesn’t like, or opposes his approach, etc, he calls it Fake News. His consistent, modus operandi, is to blame others, take no responsibility (except if something beneficial occurs, even if he had little, to nothing, to do, about it), and to lie, when it serves his purposes!Wake up America, when will you tire of these political lies? When will you say, No mas?